Machine Intelligence

Proposes original research on the theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of devices, circuits and hardware systems applied to machine intelligence and sensory signal processing. Hierarchical-temporal memories, hardware neural networks, cognitive memory networks, visual sensory circuits, auditory sensory circuits, haptic circuits, emotion modeling circuits and decision systems are some of focus areas of our research team that acknowledges and encourages submissions reflecting the importance of devices, circuits and systems in building future generations of complex machine intelligence systems. Some topics that will be included in this area are:

Neuron inspired circuit models and memories.
Intelligent semiconductor devices and circuits.
Bio-inspired visual and speech processing circuits and systems.
Bionic eye, ear, electronic arm and leg based hardware systems.
Haptic, emotion and perception systems.
Neuron inspired cellular evolutionary hardware.
Gesture and tracking in multimedia hardware.
Interactive AI gaming hardware.
Multisensory information fusion hardware architectures.
Neuron-inspired real-time pattern recognition hardware.
Bio-inspired informatics and systems hardware.
AI hardware in health informatics and knowledge discovery.
Applications in medical imaging and informatics.
Intelligent sensory signal processing circuits and applications.
AI hardware in engineering and science applications.