Hadi Keshmiri Bio


Mr. Hadi Keshmiri holder of bachelor of business administration from Sanati Esfahan with more than 25 years of experience in operations management with emphasis in local and international transportation. he has been a key designer of efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective transport routing to many top financial (SUNTRUST Bank, Middleburg Bank, Access National Bank) and medical institutions (LAB CORP,GENETICS, IVF Institute) in east coast. His vast knowledge & Experience in running his own successful business for 20 years, expanding it from, 10-persons to more than 60-person company, with responsibility in managing all aspects of his business (planning, resourcing, budgeting, sales, operations, etc. etc.) during the growth phase. One of his major achievements has been designing a business software application from inception to operation to fully automate his business, fully funded by himself which has made him an important member of the team.