Future Location

The technology corridor here (Ashburn, Virginia) maintains an impressive status because of the stability of the federal government, international connections and aggressive innovation, advantages of a pro-business, environmentally friendly climate, filled with opportunities that draw educated workers from around the world each year.

Proximity to power is one of this region’s longtime advantages. Location is paramount for any business, and Northern Virginia is next door to the nation’s capital, the epicenter of political, governmental and financial power. Northern Virginia has thrived because of its low taxes and reasonable regulations. It is distinctly attractive to a broad spectrum of innovators.

Bolstered by the Commonwealth’s favorable business environment, the region continues to attract both new and expanding companies.

The toll road carries traffic between the nation’s capital and the information-technology consultants who can manage data and help the federal government move from mainframes to personal computers.

Beneath the concrete lies another traffic conduit: fiber-optic lines made for moving information rather than vehicles. Half of all U.S. Internet traffic flows through the Dulles Corridor. Twenty years ago, this was exurbs. Today, it’s the Silicon Valley of the East.

If the Dulles Toll Road is the artery that conveys technology to the government, it is social networks–trade organizations, mentors, and networking–that help infuse the entrepreneurial fresh blood.

Ashburn located in hart of Dulles technology corridor has been selected for the head quarter of the AIRDEC. The main reasons for this site selection at a glance are:

  • Up to 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic flows through Loudoun’s data centers each day.
  • Loudoun is home to more than 60 data centers with over 3,000 technology companies housed within.
  • Nine million square feet of data centers are currently operational or under development.

Available incentives include a six percent sale and use tax exemption on servers, generators, chillers and server-related equipment.