Firmed Price Contract (FPC)

AIRDEC has focused on developing a team of talented developers, Scientist, analyst, as well as the necessary hardware and software infrastructure that will allow rapid and agile development of AI applications, for a wide variety of industries in any size.

This 3-year endeavor has now positioned AIRDEC to become a leader in providing quality soft-computing services at an affordable, and often, fixed prices.  our approach is sure to revolutionize AI software development markets.

With no-cost consultation introductory services, empower us to better compete for and meet the needs of our clients for AI-related development business, while keeping our commitments to quality delivery.  We are confident that AIRDEC will help you grow faster and reliably into the future. We invite you to share your specific AI and soft-computing needs, and take advantage of our introductory no-cost consultation services, and compare the results.  We would be happy to respond to any questions regarding this matter.