Ali Beheshti Bio



Mr. Ali Beheshti is an executive with more than 30 years of experience in Technology management with an emphasis on telecommunications and financial services as well as software/hardware engineering, project and people management. He has served as a principal for large-scale and cross-cutting projects, managing sensitive client relationships and negotiating multi-million-dollar contracts for outsourcing and acquisitions in the US and around the globe. He is currently the principal owner of AIRDEC, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology firm focused on developing advanced solutions based on convolutional neural network with deep learning algorithms.  Prior to AIRDEC, he was part of eNet’s principal management team, developing international market in emerging countries in the field of Information Technology with emphasis in Data Center and project financing. Prior to joining eNet, Mr. Beheshti was a co-founder of IMCI Technologies, where he served as Managing Partner and Executive Vice President for Engineering. He provided strong leadership for business development and overall technical management of all projects and operations. He provided executive oversight of the development, Manufacturing and installation of IMCI’s Open-i® solution, including ongoing Research & Development, engineering design, documentation, Testing, and Product Assembly and Shipping. He was  also instrumental in pursuing, capturing and performing large contracts with major Telecommunication companies such as Nextel, Winstar, Verizon, and MCI. During this time, Mr. Beheshti managed projects to deploy, install, test and turn-up devices and remote monitoring capabilities at over 120 sites in the US for a major telecommunications firm. His early career experience involves design and development of software and hardware products used in voice, data, and video communication systems. Mr. Beheshti has B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Telecommunications and Computers from George Washington University and he is candidate of Doctorate program in Information Technologies from Walden University. He holds one patent in Alarm/Facility Management.