More than we admit technology is playing a major role in our lives. In the last two decades technology has been trying to find its way to our day to day life and it has been very successful.

We treat technology as a family member-even if that is a little co-dependent. it’s certainly made aspects of our lives easier. We’re no longer forced to send letters through the postal service, book vacations through travel agents, shop in stores, visit the library for research material, or wait for our photos to be developed. Thanks to technology, all of these activities can be performed either digitally or online.

At the same time, though technology can make life more convoluted, especially when something doesn’t work right or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It’s not always easy to understand how a product or service works, with more technology it gets more sophisticated, complex and harder to understand or work with it.

In the next decade the focus of technology providers will be intelligence. Good examples are cars with no drivers, computers that works with voice command and do not require keyboards, and many more.

Would it not be much more convenient for high tech companies to pick out intelligent engines from a shelf to make their products more intelligent rather than try to develop them themselves?

AIRDEC Inc., a premier soft-computing technology company with specialty in a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) application development. AIRDEC was setup in response to our clients’ need and the market’s surging demand for quality but affordable AI-related development.

Founded by a group of seasoned tech-savvy executives and professionals in 2016, and at the center of one the world’s largest data center, internet traffic, and technology hubs in Ashburn, (Northern Virginia), AIRDEC has focused on developing a team of talented Developers, Scientists , Analysts, as well as the necessary hardware and software infrastructure that will allow rapid and agile development of AI applications, for a wide variety of industries.  This 3-year endeavor has now positioned AIRDEC to become a leader in providing quality soft-computing services at an affordable and often fixed price.  our approach is sure to revolutionize AI software development markets.